Continuity Control Panel

To guarantee safe access to the railway tunnel to the Rescue Teams in case of necessity, it is important to check the correct connection from the track to the overhead line, each time the proper grounding disconnectors (DMBC) at the entrances of the tunnel are closed.

For this purpose QCC can safely control the correct connection from the track to the Intermediate Bar and also the correct connection from the Intermediate Bar to the overhead line by the closure of the blades of grounding disconnector (DMBC). In this way the continuity between the overhead line and the rail tracks can be guaranteed.

The QCC is housed in an IP65 steel cabinet suitable for external environment or railway tunnel.

The QCC complies with RFI DPRIM STF IFS TE 120 Sper Italian Railway Specification.


The QCC is made with a safety architecture that ensure a SIL4 safety integrity level, according to Cenelec EN 50129 and EN 50126 regulations.


Every QCC provides output signals only if all the overhead sections have been safety grounded.


Every QCC is equipped with a system that measures the continuity in redundancy 1 of 2. In such a way a breakdown of a single unit does not affect the correct operation of the system.


Each QCC is equipped with a power supply system able to bear a lack of electrical power supply, with the hold-up time >10 sec, without losing its functionality.