Marini Impianti Industriali has been operating for over twenty years designing and building high-tech industrial installations.


Our story begins with the creation of products and systems for railway applications, expanding over the years, bringing us today to be a leading European company in the production of electronic and automation systems, suitable for railway, industrial, civilian and military environments. We employ the latest technology and production processes, but above all are directly involved on a daily basis expressing our passion.

The corporate headquarters is developed in a 4000 square meters factory and managed with efficiency and modernity.

Over the years the MARINI IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI staff has developed a specific know-how in the development of electronic and computer applications in military and electronics field. We also have a high reliability in the design of safety products and systems for the railway sector.

The company know-how primarily concerns design aspects:

The Marini Impianti Industriali has specific equipments for the analysis and verification of compatibility with different electromagnetic, climatic and electrical environments that are typical of railway, industrial and military sectors.


Through the extensive use of 2D and 3D CAD and tools for the simulation of the structures dynamics.


Through the extensive use of CAD / CAM system for circuit digital / analog design.


Through the use of different kinds of programming languages: C, C + +, JAVA, etc.

“All that merits being done, merits being done well”.