System for the Measurement of Vertical Loads

The SMCV measures the vertical load transmitted by every single axle of the train in transit over the track, equipped with sensors, that constitutes the measurement device.

In this way it can monitor the train in transit across a particular track or exiting from a rail yard.

In such way we can evaluate situations of excessive and/or unbalanced vertical load in order to verify safety and quality of trains circulation.

The SMCV complies with the RFI TCAR SF AR 12 003 C Italian Railways Specification (cat/prog 899/024).


Rail calibration cart SMCV-MVT


Visual and acoustic communication of alarms on one or more remote locations related to the transit of a train or to the state of the SMCV auto diagnostics system.


Possibility to print a report for each train which shows anomalies. The report shows the number of axles and the details of the anomalies.


Through a specific user interface and depending on the level of authorization access, the customer will be able to consult data and alarms (history included), to issue commands and to change system settings.


The SMCV system is able to receive in real time the following information on the conditions of the different trains in transit:
• Measurement of dynamic or quasi-static vertical loads transmitted by each wheel/axle of the train.
• Measurement of each axle speed of the train in transit.
• Measurement of the distance between two consecutive axles of the train in transit.
• Evaluation of an eventual excessive load on an axle compared to a set threshold value.
• Evaluation of an unbalanced load between the two wheels of the same axle, relative to a set threshold level.