LED Indicator Signal

The Alphanumeric Route Indicators is a unit designed to provide auxiliary luminous indication with the scope of assisting the driver in the movement of rolling stock. The SILED its technological evolution of this and employs luminous diodes (LED) in the place of existing halogen lamps.

The SILED from Marini Impianti Industriali is engineered into a single rack suitable to be installed and anchored inside of a plastic container made according to the FS 857-90/E drawings. The front end of the rack that faces the transparent panel of the container houses the Led matrix in one of its available configurations.

The posterior side of the rack is capable of holding up to 6 Power Supply and Control modules, one for each symbol that may be viewed from the rack. The Power Supply and Control module is generic and can therefore control whichever symbol.

The operational context of the SILED from Marini Impianti Industriali is that of the Railway Station installations. Within this environment, the luminous indicator symbols P, A and D are compatible with the installation’s aspect integrity control via the appropriate amperometric relay.

The SILED from Marini Impianti Industriali conforms to the RFI DTCDNSSSTB SF IS 03 764 A specification.


The SILED from Marini Impianti Industriali is manufactured with safety architecture capable of assuring an integrity level (SIL) equal to 4 (SIL4), according to normative Cenelec EN 50129 and EN 50126.


Every Power Supply and Control module of each symbol is independent and interchangeable with one another.


The use of LED technology allows for an overall improvement in the visibility and reliability of the Signal Indicator.
In this way, the cyclic preventative maintenance of lamp substitution is therefore no longer necessary.


For each symbol, the following are “in safety” controlled:
• The number of faulty LEDs’ per sector
• The Power supply voltage measurement

The internal control of the SILED must switch off the symbol:
– If the number of faulty leds’ per sector is greater than 2.
– When the input voltage is less than 90 Vac.