Centralized Diagnostic System

The Centralized Diagnostic System (SDC) monitors continuously the most important electrical parameters belonging to the different Station or Line Equipment, so you can diagnose its conditions by means of suitable algorithms.

PCC Server – Collects data from different PCP servers and centralizes them on a single PCC Server through TCP/IP connection. Possibility to be connected remotely/locally via LAN to different system PC-Clients.

PCP Server – Collects Diagnostic Data from different URD of the SDC through the IS001 Protocol, by means of direct LAN connection or appropriate UID and elaborates these Data to produce the relative Diagnostic Alarms. Possibility to send Diagnostics and/or Auto Diagnostics Alarms via SMS to available mobile phones. Possibility of remote/local connection via LAN to different PC-Clients of the system.

PC-Client/Maintenance Locations – Web workstations that shows system Data/Alarms and manages/configures single devices belonging to the SDC system (UID, URD, Interfaces, MTR etc.), connected to a specific PCP or to a PCP in general.

UID – It enables the networking of different peripherals (e.g. RCE, MTR, URD, etc.) in sentry station/station with remote PCP for the collection of relative Data, typically by twin pair telephone cable using the RFI IS001 (RFI TCSSTB SF IS 18 002 A) Italian Railway communication protocol.

URD – The Station or Line URD collects Diagnostics Interfaces data having digital outputs, connected via CAN bus and it sends them directly to the PCP or trough an UID (RFI TCSSTB SF IS 18 002 A).



The system is modular and adaptable according to the needs of every single installation as it is composed of elementary Modules which can be easily connected.


The SDC System Client of Marini Impianti Industriali has a WEB interface that is accessible through various platforms (PC Windows, Linux, MacOs, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.).



All the Modules respond to a unique communications protocol with interfacing defined by the Specification, this renders it possible to easily add Modules, be they of a newer type or those made by other manufactures.


Every device is able to Auto Self Diagnosis and to transmit its status to all the operators.