Energy Measurement Recorder

The RME-SSE measures and records the electrical energy supplied by the Electrical Sub-Stations (SSE) to the Overhead Line (TE). The energy value is recorded at settable time intervals (typically every 5 sec) on an extractable Memory Card.

The RME can be managed through the following ways: locally by a PC (via LAN), locally by a display and a keyboard or remotely by Operative Direction of Electric Traction (DOTE). The RME’s hourly information can be synchronized remotely by DOTE or locally by GPS.

The recorded data are stored on a Compact Flash Memory Card (average duration 3 years); without the Memory Card the system continues to record on an internal memory Buffer (average duration 2 weeks). In order to measure voltage and current, the RME normally use the Marini Impianti Industriali Measurement Channel (CM), but the measurements could be received even using Measurement Channels designed by other Manufacturers with standard output between 4 and 20ma.

The RME is equipped with auto diagnostics able to communicate the functional conditions of the Measurement Channel and of the RME itself locally (by Led or Display) or remotely (by relay or DOTE).

The RME-SSE is part of a kit (cat/prog 794/094) that includes the RME itself, the Measurement Channel and other accessories. The kit complies with the RFI DMAIMLA SPI FS 362A Italian Railway Specification.


The Transducer device is directly connected to the 3kV Overhead Line. It measures voltage up to 6kV and current up to 10kA. The output is a fiber optics port. The power supply input accepts voltage of 110/132Vdc with insulation of 18.5kVac for one minute and 40kV at an impulse of 1.2/50usec.


It records the energy measurements made through a Measurement Channel device on an internal memory and on a removable one. Measurements are locally available to the operator through a display interface and/or a laptop, and remotely to the DOTE.


The insulation between the Measurement Channel and the RME is achieved via fiber optics, in order to guarantee galvanic insulation.


The recording is carried out on Memory Card with a technique that does not allow data loss in case of a power switch off or an unexpected device reset.