Overhead Line Tensioning Diagnostic System

The DIAG-TE System is a system capable of detecting the correct functioning of the railway contact line tensioning system, both in 3KV and 25KVac environments, providing useful information for on-condition maintenance management.

The system


  • The distance of the contact line from the support pole;The distance of the contact line from the support pole;
  • The value of the mechanical traction force;
  • The ambient temperature value.

2 – Processes the acquired data and applies appropriate diagnostic algorithms to detect the following anomalies in advance:

  • Breakage of the Contact Line;Breakage of the Contact Line;
  • Blocking of the Pulley System;
  • End course of counterweights.

3 – Send data and alarm messages directly to a network of Marini Impianti Industriali Gateways through a radio connection with LoRaWAN 868/915 MHz up to a distance of 10 km.

4 – It is equipped with self-diagnostic functions, which make the system serviceable by means of special status / alarm messages.

The DIAG-TE System complies with the RFI DTC specification RFI DTC STS ENE SP IFS TE 390 A.

Easy installation

It can be installed directly on the catenary pole, powered by the line voltage itself and connected to the server with a LoraWAN radio modem, creating a wireless system that does not require long cabling for connect the power and data transmission.


It is possible to configure, either remotely or locally through a specific wireless connected tablet, both the geographic position and the operating parameters of the tensioning system.


Possibility to perform local processing of the acquired measurements, to obtain alarms capable of detecting malfunctions of the tensioning system or cutting the contact line.


The system self-diagnostics is able to detect anomalies of the internal functions generating alarms in case of failure.