Rail Track Temperature Monitor

The main aim of the Centralized Rail Track Temperature Diagnostic System (SDC-MTR) is to continually measure the temperature of a rail track at specific points of the Railway line and to transmit this acquired information to a Peripheral Control Center (Server PCP).

Each PCP sends its data to a Centralized Control Center (Server PCC). The system can be equipped with different Client connected to the PCP/PCC Server in order to display data/alarms collected and to manage the different system devices. Each measurement point can be powered at 150/230Vac (eg. in station or in sentry station), or remotely powered up to a distance of 15 km by the same twin pair telephone cable that also communicates with the PCP.

The system is composed by different elements including: MTR (cat/prog 830/200), Temperature Measurement Probe (cat/prog 830/201).

The system is approved according to the DI TCSSTB SF 1S 16 737 A Italian Railway Specification.


Real time or Historical Track Temperature Measurement displayed on remote Client.


Visual and acoustic display of alarms on remote Client location when the Temperature exceeds preset thresholds or when is present an auto-diagnostics SDC-MTR system alarm.


Possibility to process the seasonal/annual trend of temperatures (maximum values, minimum values) and to determine the track regulation temperature (even for statistical purposes).


Through a specific user interface and depending on the level of authorization access, the customer will be able to display the real time or historical data/alarms, to create graphs of the daily measurements for each point, to consult the equipment status and to change device settings.