Flasher Unit for Signals and Level Crossings

The LSPL is a device that allows flashing the Colour Light Signal at a frequency of 1Hz. Such device can be used both for Colour Light Signal and for road-side Signal Lamp for level-crossings.

It is able to flash 4 luminous units simultaneously (2 in phase and 2 in opposite phase).

The device is mechanically and electrically compatible with previous LSPL, it does not require any modification to the Signalling System (IS). It is available in the version suitable for FS 58 counterplate: cat/prog 825/437, and in the version suitable for FS 80 counterplate: cat/prog 825/438 (it occupies two FS 80 modules).

The LSPL guarantees a high level of reliability required within the typical railway Signalling environments (sentry station, station) taking into account different sources of environmental stresses (vibration, temperature range, over voltages etc.) according to the IS 402 Railway Regulation (Installation environment A5).

This product complies with the RFI DI TCSSTB SF IS 05 727 B Italian Railway Specification.


The LSPL is made with a safety architecture that ensures a SIL4 safety integrity level, according to the Cenelec EN 50129 and EN 50126 regulations.


The LSPL is equipped with an internal 2oo2 logical architecture able to detect frequency and duty of the flashing cycles; if the detected frequency and duty cycle are out of the correct range, the device will bring itself into an irreversible safe state, with the result to switch-off the Control relay (RC) and its own internal logic.


The LSPL is equipped with 4 output Solid State Contacts. Once the LSPL is switched on, the 4 output contacts will begin to commutate repetitively at a frequency of 1Hz and duty cycle of 50%.


The LSPL is equipped with an internal Control Relay (RC) but it also has the possibility to drive an external relay of the Signalling System. The customer can chose what kind of control is the most appropriate.