Dual Band Gateway

The LoRa Dual Band Gateway it is an innovative LoRaWAN Gateway for Industrial IOT applications. It uses dual-band technology 868/915 MHz and 2.4 GHz allowing faster connection to diagnostic sensors and to other gateways at the highest possible speed.

It is rugged, ideally suited for Railway outdoor and waterproof installation (IP67).

It is fully interoperable with all Marini diagnostic devices or third-party devices compliant to LoRaWAN 868/915 MHz and 2.4 GHz.

This new generation of LoRa Gateway allows hopping network and meshing, allowing easy interconnection from gateway to isolated repeaters.
The gateway features integrated dual-band antenna and GPS antenna. It has an Ethernet port with the POE interface, so it can be powered by the same LAN cable used to connect to the data collection server.

Alternatively, it can also be powered by an independent 24 or 48Vdc nominal voltage.
The gateway includes self-diagnosis functions and is completely configurable and updatable. It guarantees a secure and protected private radio data network, compliant with the highest encryption standards.



it creates a private LoRaWAN radio network for the transmission and reception of data / alarms from diagnostic sensors in a coverage range of up to 10 km away.


Data communication with LoRaWAN is secure and protected by encryption.


The gateway can be configured remotely.

Easy installation

The gateway is compact and easy to install, even on TE poles, it can be connected via LAN and powered by POE.