CGM Radio Module for Mechanical Joint Controller

The LoRa-CGM module allows the remote monitoring over radio link of the mechanical integrity of an Insulated Block Joint (GII), as reported by the Mechanical Joint Controller (CGM) through the measure of the relative movement between the jointed rails.

The aim is to generate and send an Alarm in real time over radio, in case of a relative movement between the rails. The alarm is sent only if the movement exceeds the preset threshold value. This alarm allows the activation of procedures for checking/ maintenance of the Insulated Joint as a prevention of a possible mechanical break.
The radio transmission is sent on a LoRaWAN network in the 868/915MHz band, and can achieve distances up to 10km away from the gateway.

The installation is simple and intuitive, it is connected to the existing CGM with the included cables, and it is attached to the CGM bracket. It can be used for a new installation or for retrofitting an existing CGM.
Totally sealed, the sensor includes a lithium battery with a lifetime of more than 10 years, allowing real time transmission in case of anomaly of the Insulated Joint or if the CGM device breaks away from the rail.
In addition, the device sends a radio signal to railway maintenance vehicles equipped with a dedicated receiver the approach to an Insulated Joint equipped with a LoRa-CGM sensor.
The module includes self-diagnostic functions and is fully configurable over radio link. It guarantees a secure and protected information exchange, conforming to the high standards of cryptography implemented in the LoRaWAN network.
The module is designed and built according to the Railway Regulation IS402, and is suitable for direct installation on the rail track.



Realtime transmission of the alarm at a distance up to 5 km over LoRaWAN radio network.


The sensor authentication on the LoRaWAN network and data transmission are protected by secure 128 bit keys.

Ease of installation

The sensor is directly connected to the CGM and is attached to the existing bracked. Sealed, IP67, 10 years lifetime on battery.


It is possible to remotely change the sensor parameters over radio link, such as periodic transmission interval and authentication keys.