LoRa Inclination and Vibration Monitoring Sensor

IVMS-LoRa is a sensor specialized in detecting tower, pole and bridge integrity, monitoring vibration and inclination of infrastructure as well as landslides and soil movements caused by atmospheric or telluric events. This sensor is suitable to monitor areas such as earthworks as well as valuable assets such as power line, cellular or broadcast towers. It is ideally suited to detect vibrations and abnormal inclinations of the sensor and send immediate alarm to the control center ensuring real-time monitoring and movement detection, sending data over LoRaWANTM 868/915 MHz and 2.4 GHz network with up to 10 Km radius range from gateway. The sensor can be part of a cooperative mesh network using LoRa modulation at 2.4 GHz, used for FOTA upgrades and inter-gateway connections.

Completely waterproof and tamperproof, it can last up to ten years on battery. The 2.4 GHz section can be powered separately by an optional small integrated photovoltaic panel to extend battery life.

The sensor can easily be attached on the structure or pole. A very low power inertial sensor and high accuracy inclinometer measure static position in real time, detecting any orientation change, movement and vibration. An optional integrated GPS receiver is available.
All sensor parameters can be remotely programmed. It can be connected to long-range public or private LoRaWANTM networks, including Marini Impianti Industriali gateways and Network Server. The sensor includes a LoRaWANTM compliant protocol stack.
The sensor is housed in IP67 enclosures all equipped with the tamper detection.

The installation is simple and intuitive and the module includes self-diagnostic functions, is fully configurable over radio link. It guarantees a secure and protected information exchange, conforming to the high standards of cryptography implemented in the LoRaWAN network.



Realtime transmission of the Alarm at a distance up to 10 km over LoRaWAN radio network.


The sensor authentication on the LoRaWAN network and data transmission are protected by secure
128-bit keys.

Easy of installation

The sensor can be easily installed using existing bracket. Sealed, IP67, 10 years lifetime on battery.


It is possible to remotely send messages and change parameters such as alarm thresholds and
authentication keys