The CONV3K24V is a 20W DC / DC Converter Switching, capable of generating a continuous output voltage of 24Vdc starting from the catenary voltage with 3KVcc nominal value.

This converter has a high robustness, compactness and reliability and is suitable for installation in the railway field also on the catenary pole. Furthermore, it does not require any periodic maintenance operations.

It guarantees immunity to overvoltages even of atmospheric origin, reducing the possibility of damage.

It is available in various versions, even with an integrated voltage or voltage/current meter, in this case it also has an optical fiber output to connect to a special receiver capable of recording and sending measurements / alarms.


Connected to the 3KV line it is able to generate a 24Vdc voltage with high insulation: 60KVac for one minute and 170KV for a 1.2 / 50uS pulse.a


Compact design suitable for outdoor railway use, even directly on the catenary pole.a


It allows you to power diagnostics from the contact line without requiring the installation of new external cables.


Available in different versions with and without voltage meter or possibly also current, for direct 3kV voltage diagnostics.